26 Layer Screen-print

Edition of 15, on Caneletto Velino, 300gsm

Edition of 15, on Snowdon, 300gsm


420 x 594mm


The Ashdown Forest is layered with many stories that reveal the vast history of the landscape. In the valley of this palimpsest heath land is the memorial of six men, the crew of a Wellington Bomber, Mark II - serial No W5364 from 142 Squadron.
The small garden of remembrance at the steeps base is visited each year with a service of thought for those crew members that lost their lives on the 31st July, 1941.
There is no accurate account of the planes crash, all that is known is of the poor weather conditions during flight. Some say the incident happened on the outward journey and others on the return of a bombing operation on Cologne.






All Photographic Images Copyright owned by Lauren Brunt