Norwich University of the Arts  DEGREE SHOW 2016


1st - 8th June 2016


St. George's Building, Norwich University of The Arts


About the Artists Exhibtied Work:

The palimpsest of the British countryside hides many forgotten, or unknown events of history that have helped form our 21st century society. This series of screenprints show two eras of conflict, describing the events which took place at the locations. Each print has been captured and recreated with different printmaking techniques, including colour-blends, diffusion dither and halftone bitmaps. With each layer that builds up the landscape the realisation of the history beneath us becomes more apparent.

Displayed Work:

Airmans Grave


26 Layers, 1 Colour-blend

1 of 15 on Caneletto Velino



13 Layers

Artist Proof on Caneletto Velino


Lauren Brunt  (BA Hons Fine Art)


All Photographic Images Copyright owned by Lauren Brunt