25th March - 4th April 2014


St. George's Building, Norwich University of The Arts


Curators Foreword:

'It is with great pride that we present to you an exhibition created as a platform from which to showcase the exciting and multidisciplinary nature of Fine Art practice, covering all the stages of development offered within this institution, from 1st year through to MA. The show takes the form of an open submission, with selected artists displaying works that were chosen for their clarity of vision and conceptual understanding. Throughout this process a loose theme was chosen, in order to give a summation of the vibrant and varied practices that have been selected for display.


The exploration between Nature and Culture manifests itself throughout these works, intentionally or not, and its definition finds use as a metaphor for the development of these young artists throughout their time at Norwich University of The Arts and into their future. Opportunities for such a display are rare, and often difficult to execute, and so we must offer our gratitude to all invited.' 


Kristy Campbell & Emma Cracknell (MA Fine Art)


All Photographic Images Copyright owned by Lauren Brunt