Forest Path
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Gift List

We don't like asking for things and you spending the day with us is wonderful and a gift in itself. 
But to stop the asking we knew creating some sort of gift list would be wanted.
So please avoid miniature salt and pepper shakers, MR and MRS mugs, you know, all those things that we (Lauren) would roll her eyes at.
Here are some ideas below to help us on our way to having a great living history set up, useful things for camping and household things.


Wedge Living History Tent

We would love a helping hand toward getting a living history tent of our own. For something so simple they price is the same as a modern day tent. Contributions would be really appreciated and can be left in the post box at the wedding.

We set up a gift website where items can be reserved so other guests know and there will be no duplicates!


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Shops in Saxmundham

Waitrose & Tesco    IP17 1EP

TAXI Companies

Squirrell’s Taxis

01728 602344

Torrens CARS

07532 044085